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William Bowness

William BownessChairman & CEO

After prior experience in banking, investment banking and property development, William Bowness established Wilbow Corporation in 1976. Bill's prior property development experience included development activities in USA and this experience engendered an expansive and global view of markets.

Bill is a great believer that a successful company is built by developing a strong team. Experience has shown that its not necessarily people with the theoretical training but also those with initiative and the capacity to successfully put that training into practice that achieve success.

He believes that quality development is very important and has always pushed Wilbow down this path. This direction has proven that if done correctly it maximizes profits.

In addition to his role as Chairman and CEO of Wilbow Corporation, Bill has made sundry contributions to the community over the past 30 years. He has served on sundry community and trade boards as widely varied as Chairman of the Monash Gallery of Art Committee of Management and a member of the National Defence Housing Board.

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