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Wilbow DevelopmentEstablished in 1988, Wilbow Corporation, the U.S. Operation, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wilbow Group Pty. Ltd. located in Melbourne, Australia. Wilbow Corporation is owned by the Bowness family whose founder, Bill Bowness, established as a leading property developer in Melbourne in 1976. Our New Zealand operations were closed in 2005 with the retirement of the president of the New Zealand operation. The Australian operations were sold in 2006 to a publicly traded property development company. The U.S. operations were retained with expectation of material future growth.

Wilbow is currently involved in a wide variety of residential lot developments in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston areas. Mr. Bowness has some 40 years experience in the real estate industry, having served as president of an Australian investment firm from 1971 to 1976 prior to forming Wilbow. The firm had grown into one of the leading land developers in Australia, and through a review of international markets, expanded its operations to New Zealand and the United States. Through investments made in Hawaii and the west coast during the early 70s, Mr. Bowness traveled frequently to the United States, which led to Texas visits and the eventual decision to establish a corporate presence in Dallas/Fort Worth market.

Wilbow has been the recipient of numerous accolades and won Business and Industry Awards for Excellence in commercial property development including the Urban Design for Tribute at Mills Branch and the McSam award for Marketing of the Heritage residential community.

For information on Wilbow Group Pty. Ltd., we invite you to visit www.wilbow.com.au.

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